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We have a Christian missionary training center where we host our "Fishers of Men" Discipleship School which is for individuals and families that are interested in working in full-time missions. There is a strong emphasis on frontier mission work among unreached people groups in Oaxaca, Mexico and the 10/40 Window.

The missionary training school is a nine-month missions internship that includes classes, homework, papers, and tests. We read through the Bible during the program as well as many other books to help us understand God's Word and character. The academic side of the school is somewhat challenging as there is a lot of reading and writing involved, but we also couple that with group discussions, debates, videos, and guest speakers to keep things exciting.

There is also a strong discipleship focus in the school including times of personal devotions, intercession, praise and worship, small groups, accountability, and fellowship. It's a great way for the students to get grounded in their faith and grow in community so that they can be more effective in the mission field.

A large part of the missions training is also dedicated to hands-on experience doing missionary work alongside full-time missionaries among unreached people in Oaxaca, Mexico. At least two days a week, we spend time in the villages participating in community service, teaching English, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, medical outreaches, children's programs, youth ministry, house visits, and church services. 

We spend at least an hour a day focusing on language learning (Spanish or Mixteco) using the LAMP technique which will work in other cultures also. Since people learn differently, students have the option of spending their language time in class learning grammar and vocabulary, hitting the streets to speak with the locals, or a combination of the two. Our goal is to have each student feel comfortable ministering in Spanish by the end of the school.

One other thing that we like to do during the missionary training school is to expose the students to many different types of ministry. We have different missionary speakers come in to share about Bible translation, church planting, discipleship, relationship evangelism, inner-city ministry, medical missions, children/youth ministry, audio/video dubbing, tentmaking, research/investigation, missions mobilization, etc. We want students to see how many different ways there are to get involved in missions and to begin experimenting with their gifts to see how they can best be used to further the Kingdom of God.

After the ninth month in the missionary training school, students will be involved in a very practical two-month long internship. They can choose to be a part of our Global Adventures Staff, our Missions Extreme Staff, intern under another missionary, or go and live out in an unreached people group.

Overall, this is a great missions training opportunity for people that know that they want to be involved in missions but want more Bible training as well as academic, spiritual, and practical discipleship under full-time missionaries before launching out.

Topics include: Old and New Testament survey, prayer, spiritual warfare, praise/worship, world missions, anthropology, church planting, language learning, relationships, knowing God's will, spiritual gifts, cultural adaptation, discipleship, storytelling, teaching English (ESL), community health, tent-making, mobilization, support raising, as well as materials from the International School of Ministry (ISOM) and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. You can click on our curriculum page if you want a complete list of topics.

Missions Books include: Youth Aflame, No Compromise, A Case for Christ, Intercessory Prayer, This Present Darkness, Emerging Church, The Calvary Road, Through Gates of Splendor, Bruchko, Is That Really You God, Intercessory Prayer, Ministering Cross-Culturally, Hell's Best Kept Secret, The Gospel According to Jesus, Eternity in Their Hearts, Peace Child, Friend Raising, Stories From the Front Lines, Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, Where There Is No Doctor, God Chasers, and many others!!!

Credits: Upon successful completion of all coursework, students will receive a Diploma from the International School of Ministry. We also offer an Associate's Bible Degree from Vision International University. You also have the possibility of becoming a licensed minister through the Commission Ministers Network.

Dates: Sept. 5, 2006 - May 24, 2007
( Christmas break is from Dec. 16 through Jan. 3 )
Missions Internships are from May 27 - Aug. 4

10/40 Window Trip: There is an optional 10/40 window mission trip from Jan. 3 through Jan. 17. All students that don't go on the mission trip are expect to be back in Oaxaca for classes on Jan. 3. The cost for the 10/40 mission trip is approximately $1500 for two weeks including travel and we will probably be going to India and Nepal for this year's outreach.

Cost: $400/month which includes tuition, room, board, books, outreach, and of course an occasional taco night!

That's a Christian Bible school education plus room, board, and hands-on missionary training for $3600!!!!!

Finances: Most of our students also join Commission to Every Nation which handles all of your missionary finances and helps with newsletters. All of your supporters can send money to CTEN so that they can get tax write-offs for their missions donations. CTEN will deposit all of the money into your personal account at the end of each month and then you will send your monthly tuition to Global Frontier Missions.

Note: We recommend that each person planning on going into full-time missions raise about $800 of total monthly support for things like travel, insurance, and living expenses. Most students end up going directly to the mission field after the missionary training school is over and it is good to have that support base in place.

Requirements: Applicants must be high school graduates that provide us with an application, pastor reference, and spiritual leader reference. We can currently only accept applicants from North America. Our main criteria for students is that they be teachable, hungry for the Word of God, and willing to do anything for Jesus Christ.

Application Process:

1) Fill out the Missionary Training School Application before July 1, 2006. Sending in the application does not commit you to attending the school. 
2) Have your pastor and one other spiritual leader fill out the Global Frontier Missions Reference Form.
3) Once we have received your application and reference forms, we will pray over them and let you know if you have been accepted as one of our missionary training school students.
4) We will send an acceptance packet with all kinds of helpful information including what to bring, travel tips, expectations, etc. The info. can also be found on our missionary training school acceptance page.
5) You can go ahead and book your flight into Oaxaca, Mexico (OAX).
Get your flights early! Continental has a flight directly from Houston (IAH) to Oaxaca (OAX) which is really nice but only has limited seating (about 60 passengers). Submit your Travel Information form as soon as your plans are set in stone.
6) Send in $800 for your first two months of school to our regional office (Global Frontier Missions; P.O. Box 394; Goochland, VA 23063). Enclose a note saying "missionary training school " and your name.
7) Send in your waiver of liability. This form must be filled out completely by each person or their parents if under 18 years of age.
8) Get ready for a life-changing experience!

For More Information: send us an e-mail.

Missions School FAQ: click here to learn more about housing, families, schedules, credits, and other frequently asked questions.

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